Nice to meet you!

Now officially, I want to welcome you, my name is Gustavo Campos Sales, the person in the photo on the right. Being honest, I'm currently looks less like the Gustavo there, because of course, this photo was taken a few years ago 🤣. Do this: click on the photo and then you will be able to see me in an almost current version. So, did you notice the similarity? 😁

On the first page of the site I commented that I'm 10 years on the road and here I want to share my journey in a little more detail, i.e.: the companies I went through, where I studied and competitions I participated.



Founder Frontend Engineer

First frontend engineer, I'm participating in the development of BlastRadius frontend app from zero, building the UI library and the structure of other apps using monorepo.


Senior Frontend Engineer

Create and maintenance of Boulevard main React app, creating components and improving the design system.


Senior Frontend Engineer

Be part of the product giving feedbacks and questioning is essential and common in my workday, beyond develop I love to give insights and participate in the product sessions. On the technical side, my contribution is developing Origin's platforms using React, SWR, custom hooks, and many other technologies commonly used by the best companies. I also do code reviews, pair coding, and I lead refinements, plannings, and dailies. Other responsibilities are having a macro vision for the company ecosystem thinking in improvements for the whole company, e.g.: the creation of design system and design tokens, migration from monolith to micro frontends, architecture improvements before the company growth generates a bottleneck, improvements on hiring processes, improvements in apps security, and other things related. I have contributions in the backend discussions and also technical contributions updating the codebase whenever necessary.

Itaú Unibanco

Senior Frontend Engineer

My main activity was to act as a cross helping several other teams with their doubts and help giving better solutions for demands. Working directly on the foundation team. I have shared the experience of agile methods and created platforms to be able to use micro frontends using React, Redux, NextJS, and similar libraries. I also did inner sources to create and update Angular 8 components.

PagSeguro UOL

Senior Frontend Engineer / Tech Lead

The mindset was to make the best product respecting the flow of value delivery. At PAGS my main actuation was frontend, but the backend was strong on the workdays. Help the team to decide the best technologies for each project, get requisites for new solutions, lead the other engineers, removing impediments, discussing with others leaders, and team the agile process to make things better and faster, I also made decisions at difficult and pressure moments. I have developed systems for the clients, using React, Nextjs, Redux, API Gateways, Java, PHP, GO, agile methods, and others tools, ideas, and libraries. Also, we used system monitors as New Relic and Splunk to know how was our system health and our microservices dependencies health. My focus was also to give the best experience to the final client. Always thinking on design system, unit, integrated, E2E and a lot of other tests, build process, reusable components, scalability, and the best performance on each render. I have worked built internal microservices with NodeJS using Typescript, Kafka, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB and other technologies.


Mid-Level Frontend Engineer

Development the management system of Engel & Völkers with AngularJS. I have had direct contact with partners of different nationalities, strong English to communicate. In others projects for big players like TIM (phone company), I have had a strong usage of Angular 2 and Ionic 2.

RMC Brothers

Mid-Level Fullstack Engineer

Development and maintenance of many websites, systems, and apps from zero. Many projects with AngularJS and other Javascript frameworks like jQuery, Underscore, Breeze, LinqJS, and other libraries. On the backend side, I have participated in many .NET and PHP (WordPress) projects.


Junior Fullstack Engineer

I have been the first employee of this startup and the engineering team. I have created a platform of web music with an emphasis on social media, allowing the users to follow each other and see their friend's timeline songs. I have done maintenance of web services in PHP (CakePHP), including some crawlers to get data from other domains. Strong usage of social media APIs, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. All the frontend application has been developed using Backbone, Underscore and other libraries.

Foster WPP

Engineer Intern

Internship in Front and Backend development. I have worked with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and ASP.NET C#. I have done many newsletters, blog posts and templates for big players, like Danone, Goodyear, Bayer, AcerlorMittal, AC Camargo Cancer Center, Marfrig, and others.


Digital Games


Science Computer


Competition & Awards

Second Place - BGJAM - Brasil Game Show (BGS)

The “Globo Television” ( created this challenge on the biggest event of games in Latin America. Me and my team developed from zero a new game to improve the game "Cartola FC" in 48 hours.

First Place - UOL Host Hackathon

We have created a marketplace solution for B2B2C, bringing together suppliers, micro entrepreneurs, and customers. I have created all front end (with fake data and using requests on API of products) in less than 24 hours.